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LPRP Golf Course Booking Privileges

Non-foursome Bookings
As is the practice on all golf courses, the clubhouse or any member online can add golfers to any non-foursome booking to fill the foursome. We are dedicated to accommodating as many golfers as possible, especially on busy weekends. If the original booker does not wish to play with the golfers added, then they can remove their own name(s) from the booking or request that clubhouse do so. The clubhouse will not remove the added players unless requested by the added players.

Members Booking Guests
Some members are booking in guests to fill their tee time so that other golfers cannot book in that time. If a member books in a guest(s) who is a no-show, that members account will be charged the green fee rate(s).

Member no-shows
No-shows are not acceptable. Members accounts will be charged the green fee rates for no show tee times. Tee time can be cancelled online up to one hour prior to the tee time or by phoning the clubhouse. Please be courteous to other golfers and cancel your tee time so that other golfers can get on the course.

Booking tee times is a privilege, abuse it and lose it.

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