Camping Rules

  1. The person who registers is responsible for the site and for any campers or visitors at that site.
  2. Only one camping unit per site except for a small tent for minor children.
  3. ALL septic waste must be disposed into a sewage system or receptacle. Please see Bylaw No. 2015-15 2.
  4. Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. During this time no unnecessary driving in the campgrounds; music, and voices must be kept down.
  5. All vehicles must clearly display a valid park pass.
  6. All boat and watercraft trailers entering the park must purchase an annual boat sticker to be affixed to the trailer tongue. Boat and watercraft trailers cannot be stored in the campgrounds.  Boat and watercraft trailers must be stored in the following designated areas:
    1. Point – east across the highway from boat launch
    2. Hidden Valley – north of the Hidden Valley campground
    3. Pelican – east of the Pelican campground
  7. Prior to launching your boat, CLEAN + DRAIN + DRY your boat to stop aquatic invasive species.
  8. All operators of golf carts, within the Park, must be 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license.
  9. All vehicles must be parked on the camping site.
  10. Alcoholic beverages and marijuana may be consumed in the permit holder’s camping unit, and on their assigned campsite in accordance with The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997. No underage alcohol or marijuana consumption is allowed
  11. Only one wood-burning or propane fire pit per site. Do not leave fires unattended. Please keep fires small as small fires conserve firewood and reduce the risk of damage.
  12. All fireworks must be discharged over the water and not at the camper’s site.
  13. Pets must be always kept on a leash and under control. Pets are not allowed in public structures or buildings, on beaches or in swimming areas. Keep pets quiet and ensure that they do not become a nuisance, danger, or threat to the safety of any other person or wildlife.  Clean up promptly after your pets.
  14. Park users may not remove any sign, facility turf, rock, or the whole part of any flower, plant, shrub, or tree.
  15. Upon leaving, your campsite must be tidy, and garbage placed in the barrels not in the fire pits. Wildlife is present in the Park; therefore, it is important for the safety of all to maintain a clean campsit
  16. Check in is at 2 pm check out is at 12 pm
These rules are intended to be fair and to provide all campers with a safe and enjoyable camping experience.


Lac Pelletier Regional Park Campsite Electrical Receptacles

All of our electrified camp sites are supplied with 30 amp 125 Volt receptacles and breakers with the exception of the new Hidden Valley Campground which has 50 amp 125/250 volt receptacles. Most existing campgrounds throughout the province only have the 30 amp 125V receptacles. With the advent of newer campers that have larger or multiple air conditioners there has become a problem of these campers overloading the campground electrical systems. The cost to upgrade these systems to 50 amp 125/250 Volt is very high as it effectively nearly doubles the connected load. The LPRP has no plans in the near future to upgrade any of the 30 amp campgrounds to 50 amp.

If it camper is experiencing breakers tripping it is because the load they have connected has exceeded the 30 amp capacity. It is the camper’s responsibility to ensure that they decrease their load to prevent these breakers from tripping and overloading the breaker capacity.

Once a breaker has tripped, since it is a thermal device and works on heat generated from the electrical load connected, the breaker must be allowed to cool before resetting –  recommended time is 30 minutes minimal.   While the breaker is cooling, the camper need to lower their electrical load by turning off electric water heater and or second air conditioner.

Statistics show that that only one breaker in 5,000 fails because of mechanical defect so there is a 4999 to 1 chance that if the breaker trips it is because the camper has overloaded it. Breakers will also fail to function if the breaker is overloaded and tripped multiple times.

If your breaker trips and will not reset after it has cooled, call the park office and the maintenance personal will come and measure your connected load and replace the breaker if the connected load is under the 30 amps.  If the connected load is in access of the 30 amps, the breaker will not be replaced until the connected load is decreased to less than 30 amps.

Once a breaker has been replaced, it is the camper’s responsibility to ensure that the connected load is less than 30 amps at all times.  If the park maintenance personnel have to change the breaker a second or subsequence time, the LPRP will charge the camper $100 to change the breaker again.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

LPRP Board

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