Bench Dedication Program

As part of its Park development opportunities, Lac Pelletier Regional Park Authority (Park) offers a bench dedication program. This program provides the opportunity to dedicate a bench to honor loved ones, commemorate family history and/or recognize individuals or organizations that are important to you.


This agreement confirms that:

  1. The cost of the program is $1,800 for a 6 foot surface mounted bench with 4” concrete pad.
  2. The benches provided by the Park through the Bench Dedication Program will have a minimum guaranteed life of 10 years. The dedicated bench becomes the property of the Park. The donated bench is for the use and enjoyment of the general public. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued for the donated bench. Prices are subject to change based on Park approval.
  3. Benches are identified by a four inch by six-inch stainless-steel plaque with raised edges. To ensure conformity the Park will provide the plaques and have them inscribed with the donor’s message. Final approval on plaque wording will be given by the Park and the Park reserves the right to refuse any application.
  4. The Park will provide and install the benches and plaques. Bench sites will be determined by the Park.
  5. Upon receipt of payment, the plaque will be engraved and placed in the centre of the back rest.
  6. The Park respectfully request that donors do not adorn the benches. The Park reserves the right to removed and dispose of all memorabilia found attached to or laying on/around the donated bench. However, with approval the Park may allow for the planting of trees within the vicinity of the bench.  Care of trees planted is the responsibility of the donor and the Park provides no guarantee for the life span of trees planted.

Bench Dedication Program Agreement


Courtyard Memorial 6’ Bench with Plaque



  • Set it and forget it – no need for winter storage
  • Open design style helps it clean itself, this also discourages graffiti
  • Finish is resistant to leaf-stain, grease or oil stains and water absorption
  • Resists corrosion (rust)
  • Solid construction won’t rot, crack, peel, warp or perish due to insect damage
  • Common acids, alkalis, salts, acid rain, sewage or sea water won’t affect its appearance or function
  • Quality materials like stainless and/or galvanized steel provide stable, reinforced construction for maximum strength
  • The Semi-resilient surface cushions falls
  • Contoured seats provide more comfort
  • Rounded edges versus sharp 90-degree angles provide added safety and comfort
  • All metal materials won’t splinter like wood
  • The thicker material coating buffers heat in the summer and cold in the winter


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