Ice Fishing

By late December, ice on Lac Pelletier lake is usually thick enough to support vehicles and fishing equipment (but always check conditions before crossing frozen bodies of water). Fish tend to be on a feeding frenzy around this time.

While perch are plentiful, pike, and walleye are also common. Thawing is rare before mid-March. The three month season gives winter anglers ample time and opportunity to get out on the ice.

Ice fishing requires relatively little equipment. A good ice auger is a must, along with ice fishing line, tackle, bait and, naturally, warm clothing, head and footwear. Dressing in layers is recommended. Portable fishing shacks or tents provide shelter on the coldest days, but many ice-fishers prefer to be out in the sunshine under the bright blue sky.

Licence fees and limits are consistent throughout the year. However, winter anglers are allowed the advantage of using two rods at one time — twice the challenge, but doubling your chances of bringing home a trophy fish.

Before you embark on your Saskatchewan ice fishing adventure, check weather and ice conditions, pack winter survival gear and always tell someone when and where you are fishing, as well as your estimated return time.

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