The Lac Pelletier Regional Park Board Authority (the “Board Authority”) was established by an Order in Council under the Saskatchewan Regional Park Act in 1964. The Board Authority works closely with the founding Rural Municipalities (RMS) and community volunteers to achieve their short and long term goals for the Park. The Park’s mandate is to provide opportunities for active participation in outdoor recreational activities, promoting respect of all people and our natural resources, promoting cooperation in working together to achieve common goals through volunteerism and an understanding of the history and contribution of settlers to the region.

Two representatives (members) may be appointed by each of the founding RMs, Towns and Villages. The executive board is elected from the appointed representatives, including members at large, who are nominated by the current board. Members at large come from the Lac Pelletier Regional Park community and may not exceed more than 40% of the eligible members.  The current board members are:

Name Appointment
Richard Godenir #**
RM of Auvergne No.76
Albert Hapke

Jack Williamson

RM of Whiska Creek No. 106

RM of Whiska Creek No. 106

Bob Stennick 

Don Gillespie

RM of Lac Pelletier No.107

RM of Lac Pelletier No.107

Brian Olsen
RM of Bone Creek No. 108
Brian Wiens #

Frank Glenn

RM of Swift Current No. 137

RM of Swift Current No. 137

Doug Smith # Town of Ponteix
Allen Kuhlmann

Doug Sherman

Village of Vanguard

Village of Neville

Tim Countryman #

Ron Lovern #

Lac Pelletier Member at Large

Lac Pelletier Member at Large

Garth Melhoff # *

Harley Hagman #

City of Swift Current

City of Swift Current

* Executive Board  Chair

** Executive Board Vice Chair

# Executive Board Member

The Board Authority meets the second Monday of every month, and more often when required, to deal with Park business.


Day-to-day operations are delegated to the Operational Manager, Camping/Office Manager, Golf Course Superintendent , and Golf Clubhouse Manager with their team of staff who maintain and operate the Park, including but not limited to the grounds, public facilities, entry gate and golf course.

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