Boat Launches

There are 4 boat launches at Lac Pelletier.  They are located at the north end by Camp Elim,  at The Point Campground,  at the Core Area by the Darlings Beach Campground and at the south end by the Lakeside Campground.

Most days, the launching and retrieval of boats at Lac Pelletier is simple. However, on long weekends or when the weather is perfect and the lake inviting, the launch area can become so busy that both launching and retrieval are stressful and confusing. This information is provided to make your launch and retrieval experience as uncomplicated as possible.

Prepare your vessel for launching or for the drive home well away from the ramp. Use two experienced people to launch and retrieve the vessel – one to drive the towing vehicle and one to operate the vessel. Never block the ramp or a launch lane with an unattended vessel or vehicle. When there are boats coming in and a boat is launching out, give the launching boat plenty of space to maneuver out of the launch area so as to not interrupt the flow of traffic.

When the launch area is filled with boats waiting to pull out of the water, please consider the following:

The retrieval line is formed by vehicles with trailers, not by vessels in the water;
Do not pull your vessel into a launch lane until your towing vehicle is at the ramp:
Filling the launch area with boats causes congestion and ‘ramp rage’: and
When you see your trailer coming down the launch, make your way slowly and carefully into the launch and load your vessel.

We thank you for your consideration and cooperation in making the boat launch run smoothly.



Available for purchase through the Park Office
$5.00 a bundle



Located just south of the Entry Gate on Maple Drive.

The dump hours are:
Wednesday 9:00-12:00
Saturday 9:00-12:00
Sunday 2:00-5:00

For bagged household garbage only.


Swift Sanitary

Swift Sanitary Service is proud to have served customers in Swift Current and within 150 km area for over 40 years. Competitive rates are offered for cleaning Residential & Commercial Septic Tanks, Holding Tanks, Lagoons, Liquid Manure Pits, Mud Sumps, Grease traps and Shallow Well Cleaning.

For schedule or to contact go to the website at: Swift Sanitary


Winter Boat Storage

The Park Hall offers winter boat storage for Oct to May.

Call Dan Kane 306-627-3733 or email for availability.



Come summer with us!

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